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Who I Am

I have always been drawn to sports from a very young age and wanted to be like the skilled athletes I watched on tv. I participated in multiple sports throughout middle school and high school and learned what it was like to be a leader and team player. I dreamed to be a pro athlete and play sports for a living, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. My interests swayed toward helping others in health and fitness after I graduated from high school so I went to college for a couple of years to become a physical therapist assistant. I came to a realization after taking many classes relating to physical therapy that personal training would fit me better so I began to put in hard work and educate myself for hours on end. I was invested in becoming a certified trainer and couldn't seem to take my mind off anything fitness-related until I finished my courses. After I became certified through ISSA I worked at a gym called Xperience Fitness for about 2 years and fell in love with helping others reach their fitness goals. During my time at the gym, I gained experience with coaching in-person one-on-one training as well as group training classes. I helped numerous clients overcome their biggest obstacles and made sure all of them achieved their desired goals. I couldn't be any happier with the career path I have chosen, I believe this job fits me perfectly and I am excited to continue bettering myself and more importantly others. I am looking forward to guiding you every step of the way until you reach your true potential. I guarantee you will be more than pleased on your life-changing fitness journey with me and I am excited to accomplish some amazing things together.

- Certified Personal Trainer, Online Coaching Certification, CPR and AED Certification