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Who I Am

Throughout the majority of my life, I was known as the scrawny kid and never felt like my clothes would fit properly. I played many sports and was very active from a young age but it wasn't until after high school that I started to become intrigued with the gym. After I graduated I knew I wanted to help others in the health and fitness field so I went to college for a couple of years. I was in the health and wellness, physical therapist assistant, and massage therapy programs before I came to a realization that personal training would be the perfect fit for me. I began to get serious in the gym and spent countless hours studying for my personal training certification. Soon my life revolved around fitness and my main focus was to become the best trainer possible. After I became certified through ISSA I worked at a gym, Xperience Fitness, and fell in love with helping others reach their fitness goals. I took pride in guiding my clients to reach their lifelong goals but I was also grateful for everything I learned from my clients. It was the best feeling knowing how much of an impact I had on others' quality of life, and how I could teach them to make healthy lifestyle changes that would be with them forever. I gained incredible knowledge on coaching in-person one-on-one training as well as group training classes and helped various clients achieve amazing results no matter who they were or what their goals were. (Young athletes, weight loss, strength gain, flexibility, recovery and mobility, bodybuilders, jujitsu fighters) After being there for about 2 years I decided to leave and take my expertise to the next level by starting my own online business. 


I could not be any happier with the career path I have chosen, today I am passionate as ever about fitness. It is my job to provide others with the skills necessary to achieve their most challenging goals. I continue to gain information on health and wellness every day so that I can promise my clients that they will receive the best of training on their fitness journey. I am excited to help many more clients and hope you will be one of them so we can accomplish some amazing things together and get you to the next level.


- Certified Personal Trainer, Online Coaching Certification, CPR and AED Certification

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